Public Encouraged to Watch TV Program Featuring Civil Defense re: Preparedness for a Nuclear Attack

Public is Encouraged to Watch TV Program Featuring Civil Defense regarding Preparedness for a Nuclear Attack

The public is encouraged to watch a recently-aired Na Leo TV program featuring County of Hawai’i Civil Defense regarding preparedness for a nuclear attack.  The video reflects the State of Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Ballistic Missile Plan, and provides information essential for understanding and preparing for this unlikely event.

The link to the 60-minute video is or (Ctrl + Click to view the video.)

The in-depth program urges the public to educate themselves as to sheltering in place, preparing an emergency kit including a radio and batteries, emergency food stores and water supplies.  The importance of creating a family plan is stressed during the video.

Be aware that there are no bomb shelters on Hawai’i Island; Cold War-era bomb shelters no longer remain.

One of the key messages is for people to shelter in place, taking cover in a building whose doors and windows can be closed against fallout dust.

Please consider taking the time to watch this very timely video, which covers a wide range of concerns.

For further program information, contact the Hawai’i County Civil Defense Agency at 935-0031.