County of Hawai’i Purchasing Division Wins Prestigious Statewide Award

County of Hawai’i Purchasing Division Wins Prestigious Statewide Award

The County of Hawai’i Finance Department’s Purchasing Division has won a prestigious statewide award for excellence, accorded by the Hawai’i State Procurement Office.

The five-person Purchasing Division team, comprised of former Purchasing Agent Jeffrey Dansdill and his colleagues Steve Wilhelm, Lori Shikuma, Larry Suenishi and Krystie Campbell, shared the 2017 Procurement Professional Excellence Team Award.

The Hawaii Procurement Professional Excellence Team Award recognizes:

  • Noteworthy contributions to procurement including extraordinary business leadership or the design, development or execution of a procurement program or project that furthers an Agency’s/Department’s mission; and
  • Noteworthy contributions to contracting policy including the development of a management policy, regulation, data system or other task that significantly enhances the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of an agency’s acquisition system.

The award was presented by State Procurement Office Administrator Sarah Allen on October 20, 2017, at the 2nd Annual SPOCon conference for state procurement professionals.

“I’m really proud of them for stepping up and for helping others in the County and the State,” said County Finance Director Deanna Sako. “They worked really hard.”

Sako explained that the Purchasing team helped other Departments and the State this past year with statewide cooperative purchasing agreements, which are pool arrangements with others in the County and State that effectively bring down everyone’s costs.