North Kona Emergency Water Restriction — Honokohau Well Down — Update

Press Release
Time: 3:30pm
Update: #2
North Kona Emergency Water Restriction – Honokohau well down

This is an Emergency Water Restriction update for North Kona. The Department of Water Supply’s
(DWS) Honokohau Deepwell is out of service. Therefore, ALL residents and customers in North
Kona must immediately restrict water use to health and safety needs (drinking, cooking, and
hygiene purposes) only. Cease all landscape irrigation activities.

The contractor started removing column pipe today and expect to extract the pump and motor in a
couple of days. The spare pump and motor will then be connected and reinstallation work will
continue through the Admissions Day weekend.

DWS appreciates the community’s efforts to restrict their water use during this time. Government
agencies and businesses that use recycled wastewater or reclaimed water, in lieu of potable water,
for their daily operations are to be commended.

Adjustments were made to the water distribution system and a minimum level of water service is
being maintained. However, without everyone’s continued cooperation, there will be areas that will
experience periodic loss of water service or lower water pressures.

We also recommend that residents store a sufficient amount of water for basic household needs, such
as drinking, cooking, and hygiene purposes, in the event of service disruptions.

For your use, potable water can be obtained from a water tanker located on Hina Lani Street between
Anini Street and Manu Mele Street as well as water spigots on a fire hydrant along Ane Keohokalole
Highway, between Kealakehe Parkway and Kealakehe High School. Please bring your own drinking
water containers to fill.

For more information visit our website at To report any observed wasteful use of
water call 961-8060 during normal business hours or email
For after hour emergencies call us at 961-8790.