Fire Department Gets Complaints re: Possible Smoke Detector Inspection Scam

Possible Smoke Detector Inspection Scam

The Hawai‘i County Fire Department has received numerous complaints from the public
regarding solicitations for inspection and/or installation of smoke detectors. The resident would
be offered a free smoke detector inspection and battery replacement. Subsequent solicitation for
the purchase of new systems would then take place. Residents reported that the solicitor stated
that they were there with the approval of the Fire Department.

The Hawai‘i County Fire Department would like to stress that the Department has NOT provided any individual or
company with any support or approval for smoke detector inspections on behalf of the Fire
Department. The Department advises our community to have the solicitor provide

If there is any doubt as to the validity of the solicitor’s identity and/or
representations, the public is strongly encouraged to call the Hawai‘i County Fire Department at
932-2900 M- F, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.,or 961-8336 after hours or on weekends. If it is safe to do
so, please document the solicitor’s vehicle license plate number and identification for non-HFD

The Hawai‘i County Fire Department does have a smoke detector installation program
for select population demographics. Hawai‘i County Fire Department personnel will always be
in their Hawai‘i County Fire Department uniform and arrive in an official Hawai‘i County Fire
Department vehicle.

The Fire Department will forward any concerns to the proper authorities.
Thank you and be safe.

Fire Chief