Mo’oheau Park, Bus Terminal Rededicated

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Mo’oheau Park, Bus Terminal Rededicated

A thoroughly renovated Mo’oheau Park offering enhanced accessibility, usability and aesthetics was rededicated January 3 during a public ceremony that attracted residents and visitors to the popular downtown Hilo facility.

Serving as the main transit point for Hele-On bus routes, the park’s bus terminal now features a new roof, windows, doors, skylights, paint and remodeled bathrooms. Also, concrete walkways meeting federal accessibility standards, additional accessible parking stalls and a ramp to the park’s bandstand were part of the work Site Engineering Inc. completed under its $664,000 contract.

“We look forward to continue beautifying the area,” Mayor Billy Kenoi said in praising the improvements. “A benefit to this downtown area is a benefit to everyone.”

Mayor Kenoi added that strengthening the County of Hawai’i’s transportation system benefits all motorists by improving driving safety while reducing the number of vehicles on the road.

“We really appreciate what the County has done for us and the community,” said Alice Moon of the Hilo Downtown Improvement Association. The association operates the Hilo Information Center in the newly renovated bus terminal, offering assistance to kama’aina and visitors alike. “It’s a very special place, we love it dearly, and now it’s even better.”

Pastor Sheldon Lacsina of New Hope Hilo blessed the project, which he said resulted from a cooperative effort that has improved transportation for all.

In addition to serving thousands of bus passengers, the park also is a popular site for concerts, political rallies and cultural events held throughout the year.